Our Story

Food is our love language. 

crum. epitomises our belief in creating good, healthy food that tastes delicious and can be enjoyed by all. We’re producing the new generation of pantry staples so our children can experiment and explore food while forming lifelong memories.

crum. was dreamt up by plant-based chef and mother, Heidi Briggs, after embarking on an organic wholefoods and chemical free lifestyle. After a fateful conversation with a friend discussing plant-based alternatives, Heidi began an 18 month journey of creating crum: a delicious alternative to the chocolatey crumb in a tin we all grew up with. With her 5-year-old daughter in mind, Heidi was conscious of creating a product that would become a ritual for families and friends to enjoy, without compromising on healthy and allergy-friendly ingredients.

Our values


Food should be fun. Preparing, cooking and sharing a meal or drink together is an incredibly joyous experience. It’s our mission to ensure that every aspect of crum. sparks joy — from our playful packaging to the act of creating with our chocolatey goodness.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of nostalgia — especially when it comes from food.

crum. encourages health conscious and allergy-prone families to come together to share old memories and make new ones.


Gathering to share food and drink has been at the core of connection and community for centuries. As an allergy friendly drink, crum. celebrates that tradition by ensuring that our mixture is inclusive for all.


As conscious makers — and consumers — crum. is on a mission to educate ourselves and our community. We’re passionate about transparency and sharing exactly who and where we source our ingredients from and why.